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Accidentally, I've found very cool idea that maybe worth to implemented into old
tux logo design. Basically this idea inspired by pixel style clipart sample from some clipart stock site. And our goal in this article is to alter an old fashioned original tux logo
becomes that I suggest to call it “ultra cool pixel style tux logo” :).

Main Idea

The main idea in this article is to make a bunch of 1x1 square that have a perfect gaps between them, horizontally and vertically. And after that, we will eliminate some of them. This tutorial basically a simple one, but need much patient to make it done.

And there is a step by step instruction....

Step One

Make 1x1 square first (r), then duplicate it 13 times (ctrl+d). To check that you already have 14 squares, check to the bottom of your inkscape screen.


Step Two

Duplicate it again for 5 times. It mean we now have 84 squares already.


Step Three

Then duplicate it again to reach for about 8400 squares. Don't be shock. Before doing this, I suggest to close all other running application, no matter whether you have a good computer or not. Because inkscape will try hard to render all 8400 squares. Another suggestion is make your displaying mode to outline (ctrl+numpad 5 or alt-v-d-o). And try to divide duplication step to chunks. For example, do it like this: 84 squares X 10 (ctrl+d) X 10 (ctrl+d) = 8400 squares.

Step Four

Open up the row and columns dialog (object > rows and columns). Pick all these squares, then set the dialog like this: Rows: 84, Columns: 100, Equal height: yes, Equal width: yes, V & H align: center, V & H Spacing: half size or third four of your single square, then click arrange.



Step Five

Import the tux logo (ctrl+i), then place it to the bottom most (end).



Step Six

Begin to eliminate unused squares. Use zoom in command (z-click) and pan around it (shift+right drag) for better result.


Step Seven

Make some enhancement and detail work in hands and eyes if you need, then remove the old logo. Done!



Finished work


Duplicating other idea to make brand new work it's not a sin. Just feel free to make it!


On February 21, 2009 at 10:00 AM , antown said...

wuh yoi, asli keren tipsnya. blognya juga bagus. makasih ya sudah mampir di blog saya. ditunggu kunjungan selanjutnya

On February 21, 2009 at 3:11 PM , baabullah said...

@ antown
thank for visiting

On August 20, 2015 at 8:42 PM , ict pelangi kasih said...

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